"I wanted to thank you again for your help and your time yesterday. You have no idea how much I appreciate it."  


"Sweet dude!!! that stuff was awesome!!"

-Dan k.

"I dont think you could find a better store!!! Love this place ever since I stepped in the door 2 months ago! Very knowledgeable and extremely approachable with any questions you have. Awesome store, great service, guaranteed results!!!! No pun intended!!! "


"Checked out Guaranteed Nutrition today for the first time. Great prices, super knowledgable staff. All supplements on the shelf were quality supplements. Will be back again!! "

-andy j.

"Huge thanks for helping me find a delicious protein powder!." "  

 -Kevin M.

"Hey! Just wanted to send a huge thank you for all the wonderful information regarding supplements today. The service I received today was exceptional, I left with an increased knowledge and some excellent products to try while i start my journey towards a healthier lifestyle."

-Amie M.

"If your on the southside of edmonton, or really from wherever, you need to check out Guaranteed Nutrition..,"


"Great prices and the best personalized service anywhere. Highly recommend this place."


"Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with my training as well as the moral support I needed to  win my last contest! ...You went above and beyond what I had expected."


""Well, i have hit my weight goal thanks to guaranteed nutrition, Thanks dude. I went from 236lbs down to 205lbs, only drawback.... Pants too big now and i just

bought the damn things." "


Positive Praise for Our Products

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"We feel so much better than last year and I think we'll kick butt! Thanks for all your expert advice and tips!"
- Michelle & Jack

* These results are not typical and may differ for each individual as results may vary from person to person.

Michelle and Jack with Iram

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testimonials about our excellent holistic health products.


"Doing this is the best choice I have ever made. I feel better, I look better, I have tonnes of energy and I feel like I am really alive. Unlike other diets they work! After one week of being on the diet plan I knew this was going to be great.

     Thank you so much, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all the work you put in to help me become the better person I am today." 
- Scott McGlashing, Calgary, AB

Ethan Before
Ethan After

"I knew When I first walked into Iram's store I would leave with the products I needed to start my new lifestyle and know how to properly use them! 

Iram's Knowledge of both sides of the industry make him a step ahead of other places I've been to in the Edmonton area. Not to mention, he actually cares when you come through the door! It's nice to be able to talk to the person who most likely is selling you products you know nothing about and then being able to explain it in language that is not morse code!!

He is not just some dude standing behind the counter staring off into space hoping to make a sale.. He knows his stuff and how I feel and look compared to six months ago thats enough proof for me!  

When it comes down to it, Iram can only give you the advice and the tools. You have to be willing to except change way before you see any results. But trust me, Iram and his store is    probably one of the best places you can start after you have made it clear in your mind what you want to do with yourself, health wise that is. whether it be body building, training or just loosing a few extra pounds.  
Lastly, I would definitely say that for myself, Iram has been a staple in my journey for my health. Thanks again Iram, great store and service!"
 - Ethan W.

*These results are not typical and may differ for each individual as results may vary from person to person.